Normandy is located in northern France, not far from the British island. It has an authentic countryside of an extreme beauty. Hills, valleys, villages, towns, cliffs and sandy beaches, all this you can find there. A very friendly population as well. There is, of course, no guaranty for sunshine and a blue sky - but if you are lucky (as I was in early May '97) you will find a country like this:

Photo of Cherbourg
This is a view of the city and harbour of Cherbourg
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Cherbourg Port
Cherbourg's yachting port and urban center
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The countryside offers very pleasant views on the hills, the meadows and the sea
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Have a little walk on the costal path ...
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... or enjoy the sandy beaches
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BarfleurDont miss BARFLEUR during your visit to the COTENTIN
Enjoy lobster, oysters and a large variety of fish. Watch the fishermen preparing boats and nets. You can't be closer to the sea.
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barfleur phare
... discover the beauty of the landscape
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Small villages ... in perfect harmony with the countryside
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route vers Goury
And if you want to know where the land ends, follow this road ...
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Goury29... it will lead you to the Cap de la Hague ...
... where the sea is all around.
If you are lucky, you may even see the Channel Islands from here
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An unforgettable place where you can, by the way, again enjoy good fish, oysters and other regional specialities.
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Last Updated: Sunday, 18. May 1997